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Locating Missing Persons

Locating Missing Persons

Whether you are a law firm, a person who is owed money, or seeking a missing family member, we can assist you.

Since 2008 we have located over 700 people for many various reasons.  Some individuals were extremely difficult to find and talk with and others were found within 24 hours and we have seen some wonderful reunions.

There are many other reasons for people to go missing such as: an adventurous teenager or an elderly person who has been totally ignored and disregarded. even to the point of being mistreated.

We find anyone, anywhere, for any reason.

Process And Document Serving

Process and Document Serving 

We serve divorce papers, as well as all other documents for law firms in all States of Australia as well as N.Z. 

Serving papers is not an ideal part of investigative work, however, in most cases it simply has to be done.

Sometimes the paperwork to be served is simply an oversight; for example an incomplete address, or the phone number cannot be read clearly.  Other reasons are that someone has broken the law and needs to attend court. 

Whether an innocent oversight, civil, or criminal matter, we can serve those papers.

Every time

Private Surveillance Services

Surveillance/Door Knocks/Follows

For private clients, Mercantile Agencies and law firms, we have two operatives available; the female manager who can unobtrusively watch, follow and in some cases approach and speak with the subject (this can include a door knock if necessary), or the male operative who can remain static in a vehicle for many hours.

We carry the latest long distant equipment, as well as discreet key fob cameras.

Surveillance and following is an acquired skill which the private citizen cannot do as it can be seen as stalking. 

Don’t take that risk, give the job to a professional.

Cheating partner investigations

Cheating Spouse & partner Issues

We work quickly and discreetly to obtain photographic evidence.

If you are at all suspicious of your spouse/partner’s movements and whether it be infidelity, spending far too many hours at the local tab or club, we are able to stand within two metres of the person to take unnoticed video.

Most of our clients simply have a suspicion and need this either confirmed or discarded to be able to move ahead with their lives and in 50% of the cases the Subject is innocent of any wrongdoing or mischief.

Our News page heading Online Dating and Catfishing explains our Facial Recognition skills.

You too deserve peace of mind.

Background Checks

Background checks

Basic background checks involve confirming a full name, date of birth, current mobile, current address, property owner or renter and any court appearances. 

These Basic checks are usually carried out for people checking on an intended partner, or for a company intending to hire. 

Note: We have only recently completed a complicated historical check for an international client that involved quite a few international time zoned phone calls made to confirm the resume of a candidate of a high profile role within their company.

Background checks can be tailored to suit your needs.

Simply click on the Contact Form to submit your confidential enquiry to us and the female Private Investigator shall contact you as soon as possible to offer you a 30 minute no obligation chat to discuss your enquiry in more detail. 

We are based in the State of Queensland, Australia.