Our Testimonials

Our Private Investigator Reviews

Darrell M.

A Queensland law firm

Said in 2024 - "We are very happy with Lesley's efforts in finding the beneficiary for our law firm.  It took her only five days and all previous efforts had been uneventful. Thank you Trace and Identify (Australia).  We will use you again when necessary".

Paige R

U.K. law firm

Said in February 2024 - "Thank you for finding our two beneficiaries so quickly.  We now have you on our system."  

Janice R.

A Queensland law firm

Said in 2023 - "Lesley found the beneficiary for us by leaving no stone unturned.  Thank you."

Cindy S.

A Brisbane law firm

Said in 2023 - "Our firm was very happy with the service provided by Trace And Identify (Australia).  Lesley worked hard to chase down every lead and provided us with clear communication throughout the process."

Carlo C.

Private Investigator NSW

Said in 2023 - "Lesley is the Private Investigator that other Private Investigators turn to when they need a female to locate someone.  Lesley has a wealth of experience and a unique skill set that sets her apart from the ordinary."


Simply Med-ia

Said in 2023 - "Trace and Identify have provided exceptional service to me and my family. After being scammed out of a substantial amount of money, we were left feeling helpless. We didn't know what options we had as all doors seemed to lead nowhere.  From the very beginning, the communication with Lesley was exceptional. She was responsive, attentive, and always kept us informed of her progress. Thanks to her expertise and dedication, Lesley was able to identify and locate the individual responsible for the scam."

Eric Catalan

Licensed P.I. Phillipines

Said in 2022 - "Lesley and I worked together on an enquiry and communication was excellent.  I successfully located and served the person for her."

Alexandra and Nicholas N.


Said in 2021 and previously in 2015 – “My husband and I are so pleased with the outcome of Lesley’s personal attention to our enquiries when we needed to find a long lost relative as well as a good friend. Thank you so much."

Debbie R.

Licensed freelance P.I. based Canada

Said in 2020 – “This private investigator met all of my expectations. Professional conduct was shown throughout the investigation from start to finish when needing to locate a U.S. citizen.”

David Donohue

Donohue Consultancy

Said in 2019 – “Lesley is an extremely dedicated person who is very thorough and leaves no stone unturned. Her kind manner, professionalism and attention to detail sets her apart."

Eamonn G.

Owner/Director of a private investigation company in the Republic of Ireland.

Said in 2018 – "Thank you, Lesley. I knew you would locate the elusive lady for my client, a law firm. Well done."      

Mark Simpson

Owner/Director of Thinklink Pty Ltd

Said in 2015 - "I gave Lesley her first investigative file in 2008 and more recently the location of two witnesses for a law firm. She has kicked some mighty goals since then."

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We are based in the State of Queensland, Australia.