Trace and Identify (Australia) is a small, affordable, two person Investigative/Detective Agency established in Brisbane, Queensland in 2008.

We locate ‘Anyone, Anywhere, for Any Reason’ with our speciality being beneficiaries, witnesses and debtors for Australian and international law firms.

We have also been requested (on 700 plus occasions), to locate a mixture of family members, birth parents, old friends, previous neighbours, loved ones, ex spouses and debtors, as well as completing Basic to Comprehensive background checks for our valued and discerning Australian and U.K. clients.

Check our Reviews page to read what our current and past clientele say. 

 Discreet professional Surveillance and ‘Peace of Mind‘ follows of a suspected cheating spouse/partner, or of a family member you may be concerned about.

Serving of documents (inc. divorce papers) – Australia wide and internationally.

Why choose us?

We are Queensland owned.

The female investigator owns and manages the business and is your first and only contact.

The female investigator will personally attend to your enquiry, however, a male investigator is available if requested. 

Unlike larger agencies that may need to pay rent and wages to others, we do not have high overheads that are absorbed into fees and passed on to the client.

We are not expensive, nor are we cheap – we simply submit a realistic, mutually agreeable cost structure up front to our clients so there will be no nasty surprises halfway through the enquiry.

We listen to your needs, we then act in a reliable and ethical manner, whilst working within the law.

The testimonials on the Reviews page from current and previous clients are 100% authentic.

We have full Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance firmly set in place

Locating Missing Persons

Locating Missing Persons

For law firms, private citizens, or Mercantile Agents, we can assist you.

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Process And Document Serving

Process and Document Serving 

For law firms or private citizens; we cover all States of Australia. 
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Private Surveillance Services

Surveillance/Door knocks/Follows

For private clients and Insurance companies; we obtain results.  

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Cheating partner investigations

Cheating spouse & partner Issues

We watch and follow discreetly to get photographic evidence. 

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Background Checks

Background checks  

Basic or diligent in depth checks for businesses or private individuals.

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Simply click Contact Us to submit your confidential enquiry and the female private investigator who is also the Owner Manager shall reply as soon as possible to discuss your enquiry in more detail.

We are based South East of Brisbane, the capital of the State of Queensland, Australia

  • Darrell M.
    Said in 2024 - "We are very happy with Lesley's efforts in finding the beneficiary for our law firm.  It took her only five days and all previous efforts had been uneventful. Thank you Trace and Identify (Australia).  We will use you again when necessary".
    Darrell M.
    A Queensland law firm
  • Paige R
    Said in February 2024 - "Thank you for finding our two beneficiaries so quickly.  We now have you on our system."  
    Paige R
    U.K. law firm
  • Janice R.
    Said in 2023 - "Lesley found the beneficiary for us by leaving no stone unturned.  Thank you."
    Janice R.
    A Queensland law firm

Wait – There’s more!

Australian Private Investigator

There are many reasons for a client to request a Private Investigator to locate, or find, a missing person and trying to find someone who has gone missing without leaving any trace can be challenging.  The process becomes even more complicated when the missing person does not wish to be found.

When a person needs to continue with their everyday life e.g. work, family, health issues, finding the time and the money can be physically exhausting and emotionally draining, especially if all the hours they put into it, leads to a dead end.

If the person who is missing is over the age of 18 and does not wish to be found, once we at Trace and Identify (Australia) speak with that person, we offer the email and phone contact number of the client just in case they have a change of heart and decide in a few weeks (or months) to let the person seeking them, know that they are safe and well.  It is a satisfactory situation for everyone.

A few of the reasons clients have contacted us to assist them are:

  • A person who owes them money (called a debtor)
  • A long lost relative
  • They would like to reunite with a previous friend or neighbour
  • A beneficiary – a person who benefits from a Will
  • A partner or spouse so that divorce papers can be served
  • An elderly relative who may need assistance and care
  • A friend who married and did not inform all their friends
  • Birth parents or birth children

Be assured, that we at Trace and Identify (Australia) will do the hard work and free up your valuable time, as we use specialised databases that are not generally known to the public.  We are here to help you achieve results.

Feedback is that once clients have done the Facebook and other social media searches, they sometimes give up.  This is when we at Trace and Identify (Australia) come to the rescue.  Our databases are updated every month and to locate a person for any reason is not too difficult for us.  

If however, the person is a rebellious teen who is aged under 18, it is a matter for the police.  Even if the parents are beside themselves with worry because they fear the child may be on drugs or in the company of suspect people, it is still a task for the police only.

 Investigator Costs

We at Trace and Identify Australia aim at all times to provide fair services to our clients with a mutually agreeable cost effective price plan worked out before commencing an enquiry.  This ensures there are no nasty surprises for the client.  

Business/Client Trust

Our core values and ethics instil trust and confidentiality in all the services we provide to our valued clients.  All attainable measures will be taken with your enquiry and your file will be safely stored on our security coded computer.