Specialising in infidelity and cheating partner checks and/or follows, as well as ‘Locating Anyone, Anywhere, For Any Reason’ Since 2008

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Our agency consists of only two experienced Private Investigators (one male and one female), therefore unlike larger agencies that may need to pay rent as well as wages to employees, we do not have high overheads that are absorbed into fees and passed on to the client. 

Trace and Identify (Australia) has, for over 14 years now, assisted clients in Redland City, which is south of Brisbane (the capital of the State of Queensland), Australia, as well as assisting businesses and individuals in the U.K., U.S., N.Z. and the United Arab Emirates. 

Our databases are updated daily and by using our elite skills and experience, excellent results are obtained for our valuable clients. 

When finding debtors, we implement a unique ‘skip trace’ strategy to find whoever owes you money.

We also specialise in surveillance and ‘peace of mind’ follows of partners and/or family – and much more.

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Are you trying to locate a debtor, family, witness, missing person, beneficiary, etc?
Female Private Investigator Australia


Are you a small or large business, a solicitor, a Mercantile organization, or a private citizen?

Female Private Investigator Australia


Would you like a discreet ‘Peace of Mind‘ check (follow) done on a partner or a family member?

Female Private Investigator Australia


Do you need to know if that new person you have met is all they say they are (single, working, etc.)?

Female Private Investigator Australia


We can also discreetly trace a private number anywhere in Australia for you, if needed.

If you have answered “Yes” to any of the above, please use the Contact Us page to submit your enquiry directly to the Manager, who is a Queensland Private Investigator and you will receive a confidential, no obligation 30 min. phone call within a few hours, to discuss your enquiry. 

  • Eamonn G.
    April 2021 – Thank you, Lesley. I knew you would locate the elusive lady for my client, a law firm. Well done.
    Eamonn G.
    Owner/Director of a private investigation company in the U.K.

What Can a Private Investigator Do?

Australian Private Investigator

private female investigator australia

When you need to hire a professional and experienced private investigator, you will require someone reliable and discreet in investigative work, not someone inexperienced.

Private Investigator Costs

We at Trace and Identify Australia aim at all times to provide fair services to our clients with a mutually agreeable cost effective price plan worked out before commencing an enquiry.  This ensures there are no nasty surprises for the client. 

Business To Client Trust

Our core values instil trust and confidentiality in all the services we provide to our valued clients. Through our experience and expertise within the industry, all attainable measures that have been taken regarding your enquiry, will be detailed in a Final Report.