Two Experienced Australian Private Investigators – male and female


As we are a smaller boutique agency in Queensland and unlike the larger agencies that may have many employees, we have very low overheads.

Our two person team consists of one female private investigator (locates, short surveillance and follows) and one male private investigator (long surveillance and/or long follows) and our guarantee is that all files are overseen by the Manager from start to finish.  

During our thirteen years in the investigative arena, we have attended to 900+ files. Current and past clientele consist of law firms, mercantile agents, associate PIs (both national and international), as well as clients in the U.K., the U.S., N.Z. and United Arab Emirates).

Mercantile Agents, law firms, etc.: – We can handle up to 40 files a week, with a turnaround time of 7 days.

Private Clients: – Once receiving an enquiry, together with the client, a ‘cost effective’ plan is mapped out and regular updates are sent to the client with the assurance that a discreet and confidential approach is used throughout the enquiry.

With access to exclusive databases that are not generally accessible or known to the public, associated with proven expertise in research and telephone skills, a satisfactory result for every client whether they be a company or an individual, is achievable.

Once the form on the Contact Us page is completed, we shall contact you for a confidential, no obligation 30 min. chat, to discuss your enquiry. 

  • Eamonn G.
    April 2021 – Thank you, Lesley. I knew you would locate the elusive lady for my client, a law firm. Well done.
    Eamonn G.
    Owner/Director of a private investigation company in the U.K.